Schnapp said that a “Stranger Things” producer asked him to alter his voice to match the one of his Will Byers character from season 1.

This was because he and the other main characters had grown up and had different voices.

He told the producer that he was older and couldn’t do anything about the puberty changes.

It was difficult for them to act like younger versions of themselves while they were approaching adulthood in real life.

Schnapp played 14-year-old Will in season 4 while almost turning 18 in real life.

Fans were surprised about his growth, but his bowl cut reminded them of his younger self.

Schnapps is the youngest main character on the show as he’ll be turning 18 on October 3rd.

He loved watching himself on screen and seeing how much he and his character had grown over time.

He started at the University of Pennsylvania and recently fell out with Doja Cat over a private chat he posted.