Things are NOT looking pretty in the girl’s villa.

Following last week’s insane cliff hanger, viewers were brought back to the girl’s bonfire to a very upset and pissed off Gillian Lieberman.

Gillian saw her boyfriend, Edgar De Santiago having sex with a single, Marissa Rodriguez.

“There’s a storm coming his way, let me tell ya! This bonfire was disrespectful,” Gillian said.

She continued, “I feel like everything we built was stomped on. I’m angry.”

Gillian makes a big statement by taking off the promise ring Edgar gave her and threatening to throw it into the ocean.

Upon arriving back to the girl’s villa, Gillian, Ashley and Ash threaten to Uber down to the guy’s villa and burn it down.

“No, all jokes aside. I want to take an Uber and drive my a** straight into that house,” Ashley Rodriguez says.

Ash Lamiroult followed it up with, “Let’s just run. We have enough energy that we can… we’ll collect burnable materials.”