Curry wore a T-shirt that read, “Ayesha Can Cook” to a press conference following his team’s win in Game 5.

When a reporter asked about his fashion choice, he responded that the former ask around or go to Twitter.

The Golden State Warriors’ star wore the shirt as a response to the Boston bar that claimed his wife could not cook.

In photos posted by Dalton Johnson on Twitter, the sports bar even compared Curry’s oldest daughter to Jayson Tatum’s son.

The tweet immediately got a backlash from several people who called it “weird”.

Others claimed that it was a joke and should be treated as such.

The drama comes several months after Steph and Ayesha renewed their vows in front of their children.

The celebrity couple’s ceremony was officiated by their daughter and their sons walked Ayesha down the aisle.

The pair first met at a New Orleans almost 20 years ago but they did not become an item until much later.