The creator of “Squid Game” Hwang Dong-hyuk, had some words for LeBron James after the basketballer criticized the show.

The Lakers player revealed during a press conference after a game that he didn’t enjoy how the hit series ended.

Hwang was displeased by the basketballer’s opinions and came for him during an interview.

The South Korean native took a jab at LeBron's sports comedy “Space Jam: A New Legacy.”


“Have you seen Space Jam 2? LeBron James is cool and can say what he wants. I respect that. I’m very thankful he watched the whole series. But I wouldn’t change my ending,” Hwang said.

Hwang revealed that he would watch “Space Jam 2” and then tell the NBA icon that the ending wasn’t great.

Hwang is the brain behind the Netflix Korean series that has taken the world by storm.

However, despite the show’s staggering success, the screenwriter revealed that he didn’t receive any bonus from the streaming company.

Instead, he was only paid according to the official contract.