Kim Kardashian had a major Photoshop fail recently.

Spencer Pratt is here to pick up the pieces and make a comedy bit about it.

Kim was recently called out for Photoshopping out her trapezius muscle in a TiKTok video by user @caroline_in_thecity.

A few weeks ago, she shared a series of photos and videos of herself in a pool, drinking a fresh orange beverage.

From first glance, all you can see if Kim’s beauty and thin frame.

But upon further investigation, you can see that her trapezius muscle is oddly dipping down, and the water behind her trap muscle looks warped.

The function of the trapezius muscle is to stabilize and move the shoulder blade.

“Kim is so relatable. I’ve always been insecure about my trapezius muscle,” Pratt said in a TikTok vid.

He continued, “Who needs that muscle supporting your neck? It’s a stupid muscle.”