Claims He’s The New Owner Of Atari: But ‘Dream Job’ Belongs To Someone Else

Soulja Boy

Hold up, Soulja!

Soulja Boy wants to be the first rapper to do everything! Unfortunately, some things are already taken.

His latest claim is that he is the first rapper to own a video game company. “They signed me to a deal to Atari," he said on social media. "I am now the owner of Atari."

The rapper ended his announcement by reiterating that “I signed two deals with Atari. First rapper to own a video game company.”

It didn't take long for the game company to respond to the unfounded claims.

"We know that CEO of Atari is a dream job, but that honor belongs to Wade Rosen," Atari tweeted.


Fans are back at square one, and unclear what relationship the rapper actually has with the company, if there is any relationship to speak of at all.

The latest claim joins the rapper's claims to be the first rapper on YouTube and responsible for Drake's success. Maybe Soulja is speaking his dreams into existence.