"Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara just turned 50, and it's true, 50 is definitely the new 30.

With a body to die for, and skin that could be alabaster but for the lovely Latina color, Vergara is the hottest 50 one can be.

Her birthday celebrations also seemed grand with family and friends joining in the bash, and the cake and fan overfloweth, as they should.

Fans also could not believe she was 50 even if Sofia Vergara did say that now, she was officially old, but not too old for a bull ride!

Before we talk about Vergara and her 50th, it seems another member of the Vergara-Manganiello clan had a birthday.

One of their pooches, Bubbles, turned 9 and Vergara was happy enough to share her birthday bash with the pupper.

Vergara really let her hair down with a pre-birthday bash with her family, her sister, and her son firmly in place.

Later she had a birthday picnic with more of her family with husband Joe Manganiello firmly in tow.

Later, Vergara thanked everyone for the birthday wishes as she looked ravishing in every shot, on Instagram.