Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi is getting candid about her friendship with Tori Spelling.

The “Jersey Shore” star and ‘90210’ actress formed a fast friendship and tight bond while filming MTV’s “Messyness” earlier this year.

Polizzi has been outspoken about her admiration for Spelling on her podcast, ‘It’s Happening.’

Now, she’s speaking exclusively to Page Six about her friend, and why she feels Spelling is not being her ‘authentic self.’

“I feel like Tori sometimes doesn’t show her authentic self because she tries to be, like, this actress and trying to get jobs and stuff like that,” Snooki said of her friend.

“I feel like with me, she could be her messy self.”


Polizzi also noted that Spelling doesn’t have to put on an act when they’re together.

“She [Tori] always says, like, ‘I’m so happy that we’re friends because I don’t have to hide anything from you,'” she stated.

Spelling’s personal life and marriage have been a MASSIVE topic of tabloid conversation over the past year.