Robyn Brown got candid about her difficulties as a plural family member.

On Sunday's 'Sister Wives' episode, wives Robyn, Christine, and Janelle met with Kody at Meri's home.

Robyn asked people to stop blaming her for their husband's strict COVID-19 rules.

Janelle considered the rules extreme. She announced her absence on Thanksgiving, which Christine may also avoid.

Christine announced the end of her 25-year union with Kody on Instagram.

The ex-wife noted they would remain committed parents and supportive family members.

Kody clarified that Christine decided to leave while fans supported her exit from the marriage.

Kody raises 18 children with his wives, according to Apostolic United Brethren, on the TLC series.

Janelle was married to Meri's brother while her mother Sheryl married Kody's deceased father.