Sinéad O'Connor lost her 17-year-old son to an apparent suicide and has been on Twitter to air her grief.

The singer, artist, and mother-of-four also blamed the authorities for being lax about her son’s safety.

Fans got an inkling about something being wrong when she first posted a message for Shane on Twitter, on January 6th.

She urged him to be safe and present himself to the Gardai, the Irish police to be taken into safekeeping.

Shane was allegedly in a hospital under suicide watch when he escaped and all of the troubled singer’s pleas were in vain.

The grieving mother is angry about the fact that the authorities were lax, which is why he managed to escape from a hospital’s psych ward.

She also blames the Gardai, the Irish police for their slow action and inhumane way of handling her son’s death, especially when they asked her to come and identify the “remains”.

O’Conner has had problems with mental health in the past, and since she is a suicide survivor, losing her son to an alleged suicide is hurting her, as is clear on Twitter.

One of her last tweets was the lament of a mother, “How am I going to live without you?” as she as Shane to stick with her.