Sharon Stone recalled losing custody of her first son Roan after her role in the sexually explicit film “Basic Instinct.”

The 1992 thriller was brought up in court during the legal battle for custody of her only child at the time.

This came after Stone’s divorce from Phil Bronstein after six years of marriage.

The actress recalled being heartbroken that the judge ruled in favor of Bronstein because of her role in the “sex movie.”

The court also accused the actress of often leaving Roan to the care of “third parties.”

She later adopted two other chlidren; Quinn Kelly in 2005 and Laird Vonne in 2006.

Stone described “Basic Instinct” as one of its kind and recalled how difficult it was to make.

According to Stone, it was difficult and took quite the toll on her.

Now 22-year-old Roan and Stone’s relationship and bond is bet than ever