Shakira is standing firm about her innocence.

The singer denies evading any taxes in Spain.

Shakira was accused by the Spanish government of evading millions in taxes. If she’s found guilty, she could face up to eight years behind bars.

It’s alleged that she skipped out on paying $14.7 million in taxes when she lived in Spain between 2012 to 2104.

In a new interview with Elle for their digital cover story, Shakira admitted she’s endured the “darkest hours” of her life amid the Spanish government’s accusations.

“I’ve paid everything they claimed I owed, even before they filed a lawsuit,” she told Elle magazine.

“So as of today, I owe zero to them,” Shakira insisted.

Shakira calls the Spanish government’s claims “false accusations,” and she plans to fight the case as a “matter of principle.”

Shakira added that “Spanish tax authorities do this often” not just to celebrities but also to the “regular taxpayer.”