Shakira has more than hips that don’t lie. Her gut instinct doesn’t lie either.

The singer knew long before her breakup from Gerard Piqué and his infidelity that there was something amiss about his then-Kosmos intern, Clara Chia Marti.

The retired FC Barcelona player and Shakira announced their split last June after nearly 12 years together.

It’s rumored she found evidence that he was leading a double life and eventually found him sleeping with a mystery woman in their bed.

When Shakira and the fútbol star were still dating and in each other’s good graces, the Colombian-native met Marti.

At the time, Shakira didn’t pay too much mind to Marti given she was a very basic girl.

However, that didn’t stop the singer from giving the young intern a nickname.

Per the report, Shakira referred to Marti as “mosquita muerta,” which literally translates to “Little dead fly.”

Hoewever, the nickname can also be used to describe someone that is conniving, sneaky and secretive.