Shakira isn’t playing around when it comes to expressing her hatred for her cheating ex, Gerard Piqué.

Since their June 2022 breakup, Shakira has made it known through her music lyrics and music videos that she caught the former FC Barcelona defender cheating.

Last week, Shakira and Bizarrap released “BZRP Music Sessions #53,” in which she specifically references her Spanish tax fraud lawsuit and living next to her mother-in-law.

“You left me my mother-in-law as my neighbor. Media outlets at my door and in debt with the government,” the lyrics read when translated to English.

Shakira has plans to move to Miami, FL. this year, but she’s still based in Barcelona, Spain.

The Colombian-native is constructing a concrete wall between her home and her ex’s mother’s home.

In a new report from Marca, Shakira’s Spanish property is connected in some areas to that of her ex-MIL’s home and she is seeking to separate them.

The outlet reports a TV camera spotted a cement mixer working around Shakira’s home in Barcelona.

She also blasted her new song about Piqué and put up Halloween witch decoration on her balcony pointed toward her ex’s mother’s home.