And the award for “Best Tea Spiller” goes to… Selena Gomez’s Nana!!!

The ‘Only Murders’ actress’ love life was completely put on blast (no pun intended) by her Nana.

SelGo probably wasn’t expecting her love life to be confirmed by a family member, but here she is and here we are.

The singer recently uploaded a video to TiKTok in which she’s doing her makeup for her millions of fans and followers.

While applying lip liner, Selena’s Nana off camera asks, “So how did you end it with that guy?”

A completely stunned Selena freezes and replies, “I’ll tell you in a second.” The “Revelación” singer captioned the video, “I have no words.”

Of course, this sent Selenators into an absolute meltdown.

“YEAH SELENA HOW DID U END IT WITH THAT GUY,” one person commented.

“I’m early & 😂 Nana has the ☕️…” a fan pointed out, while another wrote, “The Kettle is on a rolling boil. It’s tea time.”