Lili Reinhart recently revealed that she doesn’t think she’ll be invited to another Met Gala event because of her criticism of Kim Kardashian.

Reinhart had indirectly called out the reality star for her extreme diet after the 2022 Met Gala.

Kardashian underwent the diet to slim her body down enough to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s iconic beaded dress.

Reinhart never addressed Kardashian by name in her criticism, but it was obvious who her message referred to.

The actress’s Instagram post said Kardashian publicizing the diet sent her fans a negative body positivity message.

Reinhart maintained that she has no regrets and has always wanted her posts to reflect how she truly feels.

Reinhart also discussed her career plans for the future and said she plans to keep moving from one film genre to another.

The actress said she won’t ever play the same character more than once, which would develop her acting talent.

Reinhart also joked that she’d like to play a villain character, like the famous action character John Wick.