Former Chicago Bulls player Scottie Pippen has one goal in his new memoir – to portray himself in a different light than in last year’s “The Last Dance” documentary.

Pippen is making sure it’s a slam dunk in his favor, to clear what his Bulls teammate Michael Jordan said about him.

The documentary director interviewed and featured Pippen heavily in the 10-episode series.

The 56-year-old basketball player only saw the finished product a few weeks before its release and didn’t like his depiction.


Pippen is specifically mad at the clip of him on the bench when he wasn’t chosen to shoot the last shot at a game.

During that time, Michael Jordan hadn’t been part of the Chicago Bulls, but still highlighted that instance in the docuseries.

Pippen noted that each episode showed Jordan in a spotless light, with his teammates lacking credit for the team’s championship wins.

Though, Jordan did credit Pippen as a reason for the Chicago Bulls’ championship reign.

The duo’s relationship may be fractured, and Pippen reveals he didn’t make any earnings from appearing in “The Last Dance.”