Scarlett revealed that her physical appearance resulted in her old management team grooming her for more adult roles in Hollywood films.

She explained that she felt cornered to take on roles that reflected her as the other woman or an object of desire.

She quickly realized that such “bombshell” roles had a short-life span and would not aid her career.

In October, Scarlett recalled how being objectified and hypersexualized gave her something to fight against in Hollywood.

The actress would often get roles that were far from what she wanted to portray herself as.

She clarified that the industry still had a long way to go, even though things had evolved since she began her career in 1994..

Scarlett addressed the microscopic lens that individuals used to look at pregnant women, especially actresses.

She experienced a lot of pressure from friends and outsiders when she was pregnant with her second child last year.

Ultimately, she would prefer not hearing what people had to say about her changing body.