When Princess Diana died back in 1997, the Royal Family wasn’t sure whether they wanted Sir Elton John to sing at her funeral.

They thought John performing would make the funeral too sentimental.

The family selected a saxophone player as backup.

The saxophonist was on site at the service at Westminster Abbey, just in case the family boycotted John.

The Dean of Westminster Abbey, Rev. Dr. Wesley Carr, convinced Princess Diana’s family to let John perform.

The Reverend wrote in a letter that John’s songs would be “powerful, imaginative, and generous.”

He also recommended for John’s song not to be printed on the funeral’s program service.

That detail allowed John to set up his own tribute to the late princess.

John and songwriter Bernie Taupin changed the first line of “Candle In The Wind” to “Goodbye England’s rose” in Princess Diana’s honor.