Salma Hayek is continuing to please her Instagram fans with her social media content.

The latest Instagram news is that Hayek will soon play Hera in a new BMW commercial, which will air during the Super Bowl.

Arnold Schwarzenegger will play Zeus to her Hera and fans think it to be big news indeed.

Meanwhile the 55-year-old actress continues her Instagram sharing of swimsuit selfies, many of them being make-up-free.

In an earlier post, Hayek shared a make-up-free selfie that her fans loved as they compared her to fine wine, which only gets better with age.

Hayek had earlier opened up as to how now, she felt comfortable without makeup and was okay with the silver streaks in her hair as well.

Hayek has also revealed the secret behind her stunning curves is not a grueling workout, but a trick she learned about activating her muscles.

And now, Hayek just shared her idea of a “50 Shades of Grey” video, a montage of images, all showing Salma wearing grey be it her clothes, makeup, or even hair.

The images played to The Weeknd’s song, “Earned It” and Hayek looked like a million bucks in every shot.