Salma Hayek, the mother of all “Eternals” just celebrated a big Instagram milestone.

She has already rung in 2022 with some titillating pics of her in swimsuits, showing off her curves to the maximum.

The “Frida” star wished all her fans a happy and healthy New Year with a picture of her standing in blue waters in a black swimsuit, and looking like a million bucks.

She also posted about “looking for new adventures” and then crushed Instagram with another epic swimsuit pic.

She sipped her first coffee of the first Monday of the first week of 2022, wearing a plunging leopard-print swimsuit that showed off her curves and slew all fans.

Her last two posts have been somewhat tamer, with her wearing a beautiful shift dress in red, communing with nature.

She also took to celebrate getting 20 million fans on Instagram, counting each million off using her fingers and toes, perfectly manicured in red.

Fans joked that she should not let Quentin Tarantino see it lest he get back to the “From Dusk Till Dawn” mode where he sucked on her toes.

It is alleged that Tarantino has a foot fetish, and many fans of Hayek admitted, her toes, get them going too.