Camilla Parker Bowles has had a rough time with the royal family and the public due to her relationship with Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

The recent premiere of Spencer and Season four of The Crown has once again painted Bowles in a bad light by rehashing the affair she had with Prince Charles.

Bowles has tried to turn around her negative public image which has persisted since the death of Princess Diana but recent events have had an impact on her efforts.

Season three and four of ‘The Crown’ focused on the life and experiences of Princess Diana, highlighting the affair Prince Charles and Bowles had.

‘Spencer,’ a film about the late princess, also focused on the effect of the affair on Princess Diana's mental health and how she was treated by the royal family.

The Crown shone such a negative light on Bowles and Prince Charles that they began to trend on socual media and were forced to disable comments on their accounts.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams stated that Bowles' charity and good work will never be enough to make the whole public like her.

He stated that this is because the love the public has for Princess Diana will never fade as will the memories of what she experienced with Bowles and Prince Charles.

Bowles will not be Queen when Prince Charles becomes King, but will rather hold the title of Princess Consort when the time comes.