Rosie O’Donnell posted her reaction to the news that Anne Heche is not expected to survive her car crash.

O’Donnell made a TikTok post where she said the news was “so heartbreaking.”

Heche’s accident occurred on August 5th, when she drove a mini cooper into a home in Los Angeles.

She suffered severe burns and many injuries, which put her in a coma, which she has yet to wake up from.

Heche’s family announced that the actress would likely never come out of the coma.

They are keeping Heche on life support while making organ donation arrangements.

O’Donnell admitted that she felt terrible about making fun of Heche about her Barbara Walters interview.

The video O’Donnell referenced was a 20/20 interview Heche did with Barbara Walters in 2001.

She spoke about how her father sexually molested her and how she escaped into a fantasy world.