There is news of disgraced star Armie Hammer, with rumors abounding that he is making a living as a hotel concierge thickening with every passing minute.

There's nothing wrong with making an honest living, that’s for sure, but things are still murky on that front.

No comment came from Armie Hammer and his attorney Andrew Brettler neither confirmed nor denied the same.

The hotel first denied that Hammer worked there, calling it a prank, and then also said he came there to play golf.

But later, a source confirmed that he is indeed working at the Morritt's resort on Grand Cayman, out of a cubicle.

The anonymous source also stated that Hammer was broke and working to support his family.

Hammer shared two children with his ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers.

Meanwhile, after the allegations died down, Hammer did seek rehab although he was not formally charged with anything.

Much like Mel Gibson who bailed him out, Robert Downey Jr. returned the favor by picking up Hammer’s rehab tab.