Dwayne Johnson cannot believe all that “Black Adam” has brought him.

It’s his biggest BO ever, with a $67 million US collection alone.

DC's latest anti-hero offering, “Black Adam” has proven to be a big hit, with a massive $140 million global raking

While the movie got some mixed reviews, in the beginning, the audience clearly loves it, so enough said.

One press release that Johnson recently shared on his Instagram, which announced his casting as Black Adam was from 2007!

As Johnson wrote, "15 hard years of fighting to make this passion project a reality.”

Johnson also put up another Instagram post, thanking the audience, making ‘Black Adam’ “the biggest box office opening of my entire career.”

"Black Adam" has also reportedly achieved the best audience score for any theatrically released DC film since Christopher Nolan’s "Dark Knight”.

With so much mana, Johnson is on a “Black Adam” high, and deserves all the love he is getting.