Ricky Gervais just released his new Netflix comedy special, and there is criticism from the trans community.

He reportedly filled the special, SuperNature, with graphic and demeaning transphobic jokes.

Gervais made jokes referencing the debate about trans and cis people sharing toilets.

He also used the term TERF, which references people who insist that trans women aren’t women.

Gervais also spoke about cancel culture and how no one can predict what will be offensive in the future.

At the end of the special, he said he supports trans rights but that trans women should “lose the cock.”

Some people defended Gervais, while trans people urged their followers to boycott the special.

People also criticized Netflix for giving Gervais a platform for his jokes and urged people to cancel them.

Gervais also touched on cancel culture during the special, which he said affected Kevin Hart and Liam Neeson.