Richard Williams said he stands by Will Smith and saw nothing wrong with the infamous Oscars slap.

Richard also said he “didn’t feel sorry” for Rock and called for Will’s 10-year Oscar ban to be lifted.

His son, Chavoita LeSane, previously said his father wouldn’t condone any violence that wasn’t in self-defense.

Since the slapping incident, Will has severally apologized publicly and said he’d reached out to Rock privately.

He made a video saying his reaction was emotional and he’s embarrassed by his actions.

In the post, Will apologized to the Academy, the Williams’ family, the show’s attendees, and his fans.

While Rock has made no formal statements on the incident, he’s joked about it in multiple comedy sets.

In his most recent Netflix special, the comedian spoke at length about the slap and Jada Pinkett Smith’s infamous “entanglement.”

The special was titled, “Chris Rock: Selective Outrage” and is Netflix’s first live streamed event.