Jen Shah shared on her Instagram to disclose that one of her co-stars made racist slurs against her and her family.

She didn't mention specifics about the co-star but shared details of their alleged comments.

According to Shah, The co-star called her son the N-Word and then asked to touch her hair after she compared her to Moana

She also claimed that the co-star donated to Ted Cruz's presidential campaign "4 times."

Shah shares two sons, Omar and Sheriff Jnr, with husband Sharrief Shah.

Shah's outrage comes a few months after Jennie Nguyen was fired based on her racially insensitive posts.

Nguyen’s posts online downplayed and brushed aside the Black Lives Matter protest.

Jen Shah recently pleaded guilty to wire fraud.

The production for the third season of “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” has wrapped up with Shah included.