Gwyneth Paltrow was named dropped in an important episode of ‘RHONY’ season three

Andy Cohen played a clip for Paltrow about the iconic scene.

Andy Cohen asked Paltrow to confirm Kelly Bensimon claims.

The clip showed co-stars, Kelly Bensimon and Bethenny Frankel arguing while they were on a vacation.

Bensimon accused Frankel of talking to the press about here and insinuated that she is good friends with Paltrow.

When Cohen asked the actress to confirm what Bensimon said in the video, she looked at him in disbelief.

Fans called Bensimon delusional and crazy for conjuring a friendship in her head.

In another round of argument, Bensimon alleged that Frankel is insecure

Throughout their stint on ‘RHONY,’ the reality stars didn’t get along.