The Real Housewives of Beverly Hill’ is wrapping up its 11th season very soon, and Garcelle Beauvais along with her co-stars are set to begin a reunion very soon. Fans are so excited.

According to reports, this upcoming reunion will feature four exclusive parts that will no doubt prolong filming time.

During a recent interview, Andy Cohen asked the cat members series of questions, especially Jayne, whom the other housewives were eager to know what she was going through.

Season 11 of the franchise shed more light on Jayne and her estranged husband, Thomas Girardi’s fraud scandal.

When Cohen asked Beauvais what he thought about Jayne’ situation, she said it was a terrible experience that no one had to go through. She also commended Jayne on how she handled herself during that period, saying it was graceful.

Beauvais later shocked everyone when she revealed that she does not think she wants to be back to the show in season 12.

Although she is open to the idea of returning, she wants someone she can trust to also be included in the show.

Some of the people that Beauvais would like to see make a comeback on ‘RHOBH’ include; Denise Richards and Shree Fletcher Zampino.

Beauvais also explained to Andy Cohen that in order for these two women to come back on the show, someone has to leave. Who will that be?