Erika Jayne has gotten caught up in some serious Issues.

She insisted that she wasn't responsible for the online harassment of her co-star's 14-year-old boy, Jax.

She had even offered to meet him privately to apologize following the fiasco on his mom's birthday.

Although Jayne and Beauvais had a seemingly on-and-off relationship, Jayne made it clear that the rumors making rounds were false.

"I did not hire bots to attack Jax, and my offer to apologize to him, in person, still stands," She wrote on her Instagram story.

The Bravo channel issued a statement which urged social followers to refrain from cyberbullying.

Owing to the attacks, Jax has sent his Instagram to private.

However, he issued a statement shared by his mom on her social media four days ago.

Lisa Rinna also spoke up about the increasing hostility from fans towards kids of the cast.