Raquel Leviss accused Katie Maloney of having a hand in ending her fling with Tom Schwartz.

She said, “As far as a romantic thing, it was more his decision to not pursue that. I think Katie had a big reason as to why.”

The reality star also said she was comfortable with being friends with Schwartz.

Maloney and Schwartz, who were formerly married couples, separated last year.

Amid the separation, Schwartz and Leviss exchanged a kiss while filming the tenth season of “Vanderpump Rules.”

Schwartz said in an interview that he does not regret kissing Leviss.

However, he acknowledged that his fling with Leviss deeply hurt Maloney.

He recently shared that he has no plans to get married in the future.

“I think I’m out of the game forever. I don’t think I’ll ever get married again,” he said on “Watch What Happens Live.”