50 Cent turned to rap after an early life of drugs, violence, and crime and became famous for his streetwise lyrics and background.

His appearance on his album cover and his streetwise lyrics led to the success of his debut album.

50 cent’s past influenced his music as well as his ventures into movies and television.

50 Cent talked about how he could have been successful without rapping about his past.

He said he could have still been able to rap but just about a different thing.

50 Cent’s mother died in a fire, and he had to move in with his grandparents, who he loved but were not as rich as she was.

To support his love for fine things, he went into drugs and gave his grandparents the excuse that he was at an after-school club.

50 Cent’s YouTube interview revealed how hard he found his adjustment after his sudden rise to stardom.

He lived in an $800 apartment even while he had a net worth of $38 million.