Randall Emmett was majorly BURNED after getting caught cheating on fiancée Lala Kent earlier this year.

The “Vanderpump Rules” star wiped her Instagram account clean of Emmett back in early October.

Emmett was accused of cheating on Lala with a couple of girls while in Nashville, TN.

Now, it’s come to light HOW the Hollywood producer was able to cheat right under Lala’s nose.

On Sunday, November 28, Instagram account GirlGangz7733 published text messages and other information about Emmett and his sleezy, cheating ways.

The person who runs the account alleged Emmett of having a burner Instagram account, and burner phone he used to text other girls.

GirlGangz7733 has an entire “insta storie” dedicated to exposing him aptly titled, “F**K U RAND.”

He reportedly used the burner phones and sent messages in vanish mode.

Lala Kent has moved out of their Bel Air mansion and she changed her “Rand” tattoo to read “bRand New”