Chrissy Teigen is back causing heartburn to the prudes on Instagram.

In her recent Instagram story she went bare to show her love for acid reflux tape, pasted across her baby bump.

Teigen hid the essentials behind the sink and crossed an arm over her breasts as well.

For some reason, Instagram took the entire story down for a while but it came back on.

This is not the first time she’s gone bare on IG, but this time, it’s because she wants to tell people that acid reflux tape works.

She had earlier shared on an IG story how her digestion had gone for a toss this pregnancy, considering even a cherry tomato could not topple her.

Of course, all this while, she’s doing Halloween, getting Miles stitches up after his first ‘official accident’ and looking like a million bucks.

Her recent Instagram posts show her growing bump, and fans feel she’s never looked this good.

Teigen absolutely glows in her recent pics and posts, even as she tries to figure out Instagram reels.