Piers Morgan

Takes Aim at UK Swimmer Adam Peaty Over Mental Health

The host slammed the legendary United Kingdom swimmer.

In a series of tweets, Morgan criticized Peaty for announcing that he is taking a break from swimming to focus on his mental health.

“I love Peaty and he’s a great champion but we do need some perspective about sporting pressure," the TV host tweeted.

"As an ENT doctor in LA once told me during a round of golf when I said he had a big pressure putt: ‘Real pressure is performing emergency tracheotomies on babies,'”  Morgan wrote.

Adam was surprised by the negative reaction to his mental health break, including Piers'. The swimmer responded to the haters with a tweet of his own.

"[The response] is why we have such a stigma around mental wellbeing in sport. It isn’t a normal job. There is a huge amount of pressure. Money does not buy happiness."

- Adam Peaty