Pete Davidson, 28, is leaving "Saturday Night Live" after eight years on the show.

He already has a gig and a girl (KimK) lined up, although he made sure to say how much he would miss being on SNL, and how he owed it his life.

Davidson joined the show's 40th season premiere in September 2014, and at the time, he was just 20.

The first cast member to hail from the '90s, he has remained one of the youngest stars on the show.

In an Instagram post shared by his friend and collaborator Dave Sirus, Davidson wrote, I had no idea what I was doing. I still don't.”

He also wrote, “I owe Lorne Michaels and everyone at SNL my life. I'm so grateful and I wouldn’t be here without them.”

SNL's Instagram handle commented on Sirus' post, writing, "We are all very excited to celebrate your SNL career tonight Pete!”

Even before his leaving, SNL impacted his life in a big, big way, when in season 47, Kim Kardashian made her hosting debut and the sparks flew.

Not only does Pete have his girl, but he also has a new gig lined up, as the star of the upcoming Peacock series, "Bupkis".