Pauly D got to take a trip down “Jersey Shore” memory lane this week during an appearance on the “Full Send” podcast.

On Wednesday, January 26, “Full Send” uploaded their sit-down interview with the DJ.

He dished on all the dirty details about “Jersey Shore,” and the sex tapes from Seaside Heights.

“Full Send” host, Bob Menery, asked Pauly D, “Did you f**k every single of the girls?”

“No, we were bringing girls from the club. There was some hooking up in the house, but…” the DJ said trailing off.

“We’d bring these girls home or whatever and all they can actually film is the covers going over us, so you know what happens,” Pauly recalled.

He continued, “They have that footage somewhere, like that’s in a safe somewhere. Those are our sex tapes.”

“Those tapes exist. We always joke about it. We’re like, ‘Yo, where’s that footage?’”

WOW, ‘GTL’ just got a whole new meaning… “Guidos Taping Lovemaking.”