Paul Rudd has been named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive, 2021 and has decided to “lean on it, hard”.

The 53-year-old actor and father of two admits his wife of 18 years was “stupefied” at the news.

Rudd also admitted that many people were going to be surprise, shocked even at the news, because he believed that there were many more deserving of the title.

But Rudd also said that was going to make the most of it, joking that he was going to make business cards even if his friends were going to give him grief for it.

While most of the Avengers are keeping mum on the news, Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner congratulated Paul Rudd.

Other celebrities like Seth Rogen, Drew Barrymore and Sharon Stone also applauded the move, as did his fans.

That said, director Judd Apatow teased Rudd on Twitter, saying he had “mixed emotions” about the same.

Ryan Reynolds also joked about the same, saying that like many before him, Russ was likely waste the title.

Reynolds also joked that had it been him, his family might have had to go without him. Although Rudd has promised to become more mysterious.