Pamela Anderson is back on Instagram, slaying all.

The “Baywatch” star first uploaded a video of hers, wearing a champagne-colored dress and going braless beneath.

She sashayed down a flight of steps, before being interrupted by a French-speaking Santa.

In complete Barb Wire style, she pulled his beard and declared, “Christmas is over Santa!”

Her dress came matched with an oversized hat, opera gloves, and towering heels, all covered in feathered fringe.

Fans loved the fact that she was back, calling it her “revenge era” and loving her 55-year-old hot body.

Many of Instagram also hoped that the feathers were fake given that Pam has long been an advocate for animals via PETA and veganism.

The dress that Pamela wore is from Jacquemas whose show she also attended in Paris.

She uploaded more fashion shots of her wearing outfits from the brand and looking absolutely stunning, with the thin ‘90s brow in place.