Pamela Anderson reiterated her claim that Tim Allen flashed his penis at her on the set of "Home Improvement."

"You can't make that stuff up," the actress told ET Canada in a recent interview.

The actress had claimed in an excerpt from her memoir that the incident occurred on the first day of filming.

Following the allegation, Allen denied the incident ever happened.

In response, Anderson said that the comedian denied it due to the current era.

She previously defended him in a separate interview, saying that he had no "bad intentions" when he allegedly flashed his junk at her.

In her recently released documentary, Anderson discussed not considering she would have kids when she chose to be a Playboy model.

She also opened up about not getting the chance to tell her kids about her past.

"I always thought I'd tell them, age-appropriate - but I never got the chance," the actress said in an interview.