NCIS” is a police procedural television show that has been on for 19 seasons.

Harmon was already an established artist before he joined “NCIS.”

Harmon is leaving his role as Gibbs in NCIS in the 19th season.

Harmon ended his role in the series in the 1904th episode when his character Gibbs decided to stay back in Alaska rather than go back to Washington D.C.

The showrunner, Steve D. Binder, broke the news to New York Post.

Gibbs left with his partner Timothy McGee to Alaska to investigate the murders that happened there.

He lost his wife and daughter in the third season when a cartel member killed them.

People are wondering whether “NCIS” will survive without Harmon, and based on how some other shows in its shoes have faired, there could be a possibility.

“NCIS” faced a similar situation earlier when Ziva and Tony left the show, but they were still able to hold it down