Olivia Wilde is a renowned actress whose presence in the movie industry has only shown fans that they can love a star endlessly and without doubt.

Like many actors in the industry, Wilde had a backdoor entrance into Hollywood that somehow helped her cut through several red, blue, pink, and black tapes.

She first got a job at a casting agency, and her time behind the camera, coupled with advice from her boss, Mila Finn, helped her understand the bizarre things Hollywood could ask of upcoming acts.

Finn once told Wilde that for most directors in the industry, the first thing that comes to their minds when they see a new and talented actress, is sex.

He went on to encouraged Wilde to play the ‘Hollywood game’ the best way she could, as that was the only way to survive.

After working in the casting agency for a while, Wilde finally landed her first audition, and on the day she was leaving, Finn gave her another tip.

The casting director told Wilde to wear an outfit that would show ‘a little skin.’

Although it’s not something that many people in Hollywood would like to admit to, the industry is packed with directors and producers who watch out for young acts and what they can offer to get a good role in a good movie.

Female stars in the industry are more likely to get harassed, and this is why bigger stars should use their platforms to show awareness on topics like this.