At 18 years old, Olivia Rodrigo has become a sensation on social media platforms, as one of the youngest iconic singers of 2021. Despite her newness, the star is still open to growth in the media.

Rodrigo began her stint with entertainment as a young Disney actress, and she featured in the iconic franchise titled “High School Musical”

Her role in the franchise helped her to establish herself in the entertainment sector, and in 2019, she become a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Despite the fame and opportunities that she may have been exposed to, there is still something that poses a great risk to the singer-songwriter, and it’s her worst nightmare.

Rodrigo disclosed during an interview that one thing she fears the most as a an upcoming entertainer, is that there is no room for her to make mistakes, lest she forfeits her career success.

Like many youngsters who are faced with one problem or the other as they get more famous, Rodrigo revealed that she was plagued with identity crisis when she she was getting closer to the peak of her career.

Rodrigo noted that overcoming this issue proved quite difficult for her, but in recent months, she has found her voice again, and is trying to establish a profound identity.

Rodrigo may have hot it off with movies when she started off, but the truth is that she used to write her lyrics as far back as when she was still in grade school.

it was during this time that the actress knew that she had a knack for expressing her emotions and thoughts through her lyrics.