Sasha Walpole worked on Gloucestershire estate, Highgrove as a groom.

She recently came forward as the woman Prince Harry said took his virginity in his memoir, Spare.

Walpole said she came forward as the Duke’s virginity taker because the speculation could have gone on.

In her interview with Piers Morgan, she agreed that Harry “traded down” by marrying Meghan Markle.

She said Harry should have given her a heads-up before writing about their sex act in his memoir.

Fans think Walpole said the incident happened at her 19th birthday party. that Faith Evans is really behind the identity of the Skunk.

She and Harry never spoke after then.

Walpole said Harry’s description of the encounter being “inglorious” was accurate.

She admitted to smacking Harry’s “peachy bum” after having sex, just as the Duke stated in his memoir.