Nipsey Hussle

From royalties and other earnings.

10-Year-Old Daughter Earns Over $2 Million Per Year From Father’s Estate

Nipsey's daughter, Emani Asghedom, earns over $2-mill a year from her father’s estate. Now, her uncle is asking a judge to appoint several family members as guardians of Emani's estate.

According to legal docs obtained by The Blast, Samiel Asghedom (Nipsey's brother) wants Emani's paternal uncle, aunt, and grandmother to be in charge of her portion of the yearly earnings.

Sam says Nipsey's estate is worth approximately $4-mill. Emani is entitled to half. We are guessing the other $2-mill goes to Nipsey & Lauren London's son, Kross.

The fact that Nipsey's relatives what to take charge of Emani's money is not as nefarious as one might think.

The fam “will manage Emani’s assets prudently and in (her) best interests until she reaches 18 years old.” In other words, they'll help her invest her money wisely to set her up for life.

Nipsey's estate also includes 14K gold necklaces and several other expensive jewelries, but Nipsey's property and music royalties are the largest assets.