Nicolas Cage

Vows To Never Retire From Acting He opened up while promoting 'Prisoners of the Ghostland.'

Cage recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly and revealed that he is longing for a long break from movies... but not for forever.

"God willing, that once I finish the next two movies, I'm going to take some time off, because I think it's time to recharge," he said.

However, Nicolas, who has done over 100 films, quickly put those retirement rumors to bed and promised never to walk away.

"No, no, no. No, no. That can't happen. To do what I do in cinema has been like a guardian angel for me, and I need it."

"I'm healthier when I'm working, I need a positive place to express my life experience, and filmmaking has given me that. So I'm never going to retire."

Despite his vow to work forever, he also stated that the gigs are getting harder and harder as he gets older.

"At my age, the job that I have is to stay interested, because if I'm not interested, you're not going to be interested. It gets more difficult the older we get."