Nick Cannon just lost his youngest and seventh child, Zen to a brain tumor.

Zen was born nine days after Cannon celebrated the birth of twins with Abby De La Rosa. Zen’s mother is model Alyssa Scott.


It has been a tough time for both Cannon and Scott and he has praised her as the “strongest woman” he has ever known, during the battle to save their son’s life.

Cannon went on his daytime show to talk about his loss, saying how Zen’s slightly larger head was never a cause of concern for him or Scott.

He mentioned that it was a cough that baby Zen had, along with strange breathing that made the couple take him to a doctor.

There is was discovered that there was a fluid build-up in baby Zen’s brain along with a malignant tumor.

Zen underwent surgery and had a shunt placed to drain out the fluid but his condition worsened around Thanksgiving. Cannon managed to spend the weekend with Zen and Scott before flying to New York for his show.

He tearfully recalled how this was the last time he held Baby Zen in his arm. He was also all praise for Alyssa Scott.

Cannon said Scott was the epitome of strength throughout their struggle and grief, and there was no argument from her side. While he took to social media to talk about his grief, Alyssa Scott has been making do with pictures of Zen, via social media posts and Instagram stories.