Nick Cannon talked about his experience with celibacy during an appearance on "The Language of Love" podcast with Dr. Laura Berman.

He told Dr. Berman he was celibate, and that it worked for a while.

Cannon said: “I thought at first it was working when I told the world -- that probably was a problem.”

The TV host noted that being celibate "wasn't healthy because then it started bringing up all of these things of like, 'well, why are you doing this? Are you in it?’"

Cannon said: “A lot of people in my life started making it like, 'Well, is it me, or is it our connection?' And I'm like, 'No, I'm really doing this. To one -- to be honest -- keep the peace."

Cannon also revealed he’s not a fan of monogamy.

He thinks being monogamous is not healthy.

The “Wild ’N Out” host continued: “I feel like that gets into the states of selfishness and ownership.”

But Cannon is open to settle down when he’ll find the one who’s “willing to put up with me.”