Nia Long is finally opening up about her romance life since she broke off her engagement with Ime Udoka.

Long ended their engagement in December 2022 after Udoka’s affair with an NBA star was made public.

The actress said she’s not ready for a serious relationship anytime soon, but isn’t completely striking out romance from her life.

Long and Udoka are co-parenting their son, Kez, together, and she has an older son, Maasai Dorsey.

The actress also spoke about how the affair controversy affected their son and said the Celtics never checked in.

Beyond her role as a mother, Long is also busy with taking care of herself, especially her film career.

She was recently involved in romance rumors with singer Omarion, but clarified that she’s still very single.

Long recently shared that she and her doctors believe it would be difficult for her to have more kids in the future.

She also discussed the changes that women experience with menopause, saying it’s an important conversation.